Rainy Day Discounts

Rainy Day DiscountsFancy getting on the water at a discounted price? Welcome to our Rainy Day Discount scheme. This is a simple discount offered between 1st April and 30th September when it's actually raining - not when it's forecast to rain, but actually raining.

The discount is available for bookings on that day only and its not applicable to existing bookings, regardless of the weather conditions. All normal terms and conditions shall apply, we'll just charge less for your hire if it is raining on that day. The discount is discretionary and applicable to Day Boats only - Picnic Boats, dinghies, etc are not included.

How Much Discount?

The level of discount will vary and is discretionary, but will be at least £10 off a full day or £7 off half a day.

Telephone 01603 858453 to book.